External Chambers

Our External Chambers are designed for use with top-mounting level transmitters or switches. They are self-contained cages that are mounted laterally to a vessel using at least two process connections, such as flanges, threads, or weld stubs. This allows the level in the external chamber to correspond to the level in the vessel, which is measured using an additional instrument inserted into the chamber.

External Chambers, also known as bypass chambers, bridles, side-pipes, bypass pipes, or cages, are used to obtain a level or interface measurement from the outside of a process vessel. They are mounted on the outside of the vessel using ports that allow liquid to flow freely between the chamber and the vessel. In some cases, the chamber may be mounted on only a small section of the vessel or column, such as the lower portion of an oil tank or a tray level in a distillation column.

External Chambers are often used with guided wave radar, displacer switches, and other point sensors to increase the reliability and robustness of the level measurement. They provide a stable environment for the sensor and act as a shield and amplifier for the radar signal, helping to avoid metal objects that may affect the accuracy of the measurement.

• Chambers allow process instrument to be isolated from a vessel
• Easy for process Instrument maintenance.
• Wide selection of configuration can be possible.

• Chemical Industry
• Oil and Natural Gas Extraction
• Petrochemical Industry
• Power Plants

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