Float & Board Level Gauge

Float & Board type level gauge is a weighing liquid level measuring system applicable for non-pressurized storage tanks/vessels. A float is connected to a pointer with the help of string via pulley and limb pipes along with a scale board.
The pointer slides over a scale board parallel to the tank in a vertical direction. When the material level rises, the float moves upward with the application media results in a pointer goes downward and vice versa.

• Low maintenance.
• Better for long distance visibility.
• Better performance in turbulence.

Type of GaugeGuided type
Pressureupto 2kg/cm²
Temperature100°C; Please specify if any
Measuring range10000 mm; Please specify if any
MOC of FloatSS316
MOC of StringSS316
Scale BoardSS316
Density≥ 0.8
Process ConnectionFlange


• Water Treatment Plant
• Oil
• Refinery
• Petrochemical
• Storage Tank

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