Our manufacturing unit is located next to the International Airport in Sharjah, UAE and within the free trade zone, enabling us to leverage the export friendly policies of the United Arab Emirates. Accessibility to special alloys and competent technicians makes us especially suited to manufacture tailor made products with special metallurgy.

We have qualified welders, fabricators and world class machinery. The company remains focused on investing continuously in adding infrastructure, developing new products and ensuring quality.

The products that we manufacture currently include the following:


Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauges have been a choice method of Level measurement for End Users across the world.
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Tubular Level Gauge

The Tubular level gauge is designed and manufactured for easy, accurate & direct reading of the liquid level in tank/ vessel.
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External Chambers

External Chambers is a self-contained cage structure used for mounting process level instruments to a vessel.
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Stilling Well

Stilling Well is cylinder-shaped chamber that are connected to, but isolated from, a channel’s main flow of water. wave action.
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Weld Pad Sight Glass

Weld Pad Sight Glasses are designed to be welded to process vessels. They consist of a weld pad, glass, gaskets, cover flange and bolting.
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Float & Board Level Gauge

Float & Board type level gauge is a weighing liquid level measuring system applicable for non-pressurized storage tanks/vessels
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Air Header

Air Header is a series of multiple valve assemblies mainly used for distribution of instrument compressed air within the plant for various utilities.
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Calibration Column

Calibration Column is a cylindrical shaped glass tube having marked volume scale mainly used to determine the flowrate of chemical metering pump
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Injection Quill

In many industries, Chemical Injection Quill device used to inject high corrosive chemical between feed line and process line without damaging to the pipe wall.
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Basket Strainer

Basket strainer is an enclosed vessel with an inlet and outlet used to remove Dirt or Foreign particles from the flowing fluid and consistently recirculate fluid.
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