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Tubular Level Gauge

Tubular Level Gauge

  •  360° visibility with tie rod guard to protect the glass.
  • Glass removal and replacement is possible while keeping the other parts in contact.
  • The non-frost extension helps to prevent frost formation on gauge glass.
  • Auto ball check to reduce liquid leakage in case of glass breakage.
  • Toughened borosilicate glass tube.
  • Variety of MOC available per application requirement (SS/PTFE/PP/PVDF).
  • Available with LED illuminator to read in low light conditions.

Magnetic Level Gauge

  • Reliable for measuring levels in high pressure, high temperature, or corrosive applications.
  • Contrasting indicator colors provide better visibility for operators.
  • Custom weighted magnetic float.
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free.
  • Leakproof design.
  • Transmitters or switches can be installed optionally.
Calibration Column

Calibration Column

  • Easy to Clean
  • Protected Calibration Scale available.
  • Available volumes range from 25 ml to 25000 ml.
  • Traceability and 3.1 Material Test Certificates available for metallic wetted parts.
  • Every unit undergoes a hydrotest at a minimum pressure of 1 bar for 10 minutes.
  • Pressure tests upto 8 bar maybe conducted on request.

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